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Hypo Air Air angel is our bestfriend for the past couple of weeks. It has improved the indoor air quality of our home especially our bedroom. I can say that It worked well to remove particles like dust, pollen, allergens, and molds What I love about the Air angel is that we are more confident that bacteria and viruses can't enter or linger in our home.

Not all Air cleaner works well, I have tried many of air purifiers and all I can say is that this small gadget worked best for us. We noticed that the unit emit a very slight burned smell from time to time as it burns and destroys air contaminants and turned them into carbon dioxide & water vapor. This has answered my question if it really does work for sanitizing the air.

It is common for us in our family that allergies flare up in the morning. Congestion, itchy and watery eyes, clear nasal discharge, sneezing, and scratchy or ticklish throat but eversince we used the Hypoair Air angel -- they just disappeared. We are just so happy to share with you our new favorite gadget to protect our home.

RJ Bautista

A great investment! Providing outstanding protection from flies and insects, the results speak for themselves. It is a great product that does what it promises.

Village Sports Club, BF Homes, Paranaque

Good investment for health and value for money, this product is super quiet and also it helps a lot in keeping the air fresh and clean inside our office.

Manila North Green Park, Blumentritt Manila

Reliable and effective, that is Precept Insect Light Trap (Luralite Cento). We've been using this product in all our 6  branches of Pancake House since 2016.

G Brothers Foods Inc., Pancake House Branches ( Festival Mall, Pacita, Uptown Taguig, Southwoods, South Supermarket and SM Sucat)

Precept Fly trap has helped us in reducing our insect sightings like housefly by 90% 

Eng Bee Tin, Binondo Branch

Precept provides superb quality products and very efficient in terms of performance 

Max's Westgate Branch