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Thermostar Dry Steam Cleaner from Italy is a cost-effective machine that use dry vapor to clean without the use of chemicals.  It uses the power of steam to clean and disinfect.Dry steam emulsifies the dirt and then the hot towel absorbs the soil.  The hot steam penetrates and loosens or removes this soil through a process of “heat transfer.” Much in the way extremely hot water can loosen baked on debris in pans, so to does a powerful steam.

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Insect Killer

Pelsis & Elektrik insect killers are the eco-friendly way of controlling insects without the use pesticides. Insect killers uses UV bulb to attract insects, zaps them with a killing grid or traps them in a glueboard / collection basket.  Pelsis Synergetic® UV Bulbs are proven to attract a much wider range of flying insects and comes in shatterproof casing which prevents the release of broken glass in the event of breakage.

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  •  "I recommend Precept Hygiene for the efficiency of their product and low cost of maintenance."

    Arlene Bernardo of Vikings Group

  •  “Their shatterproof bulb is the best for food prep area.”

    Lyn of Max’s Restaurant, Putatan, Muntinlupa

  •  “Products are priced correctly because quality is very good.”

    Windy Baluyot of Pancake House Uptown Mall, Taguig

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