3 Strong Points of a Pelsis Hand Dryer in Your Business’ Bathroom

3 Strong Points of a Pelsis Hand Dryer in Your Business’ Bathroom

Public bathroom hand dryers. The demand for them has significantly boomed since the rise of smart technology. Society’s increasing awareness of energy efficiency and the growing need to reduce paper and water wastage have likewise contributed to hand dryer market growth.

Nowadays, you’ll find hand dryers in every washroom of hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, movie houses, and commercial buildings.

Unfortunately, with high demand comes wear and tear, and a string of broken hand dryers in many establishments. So your business won’t have to suffer this kind of loss, it’s best to invest in a Pelsis Hand Dryer.


At the end of the day, a consumer’s bathroom experience is top priority. It’s a huge plus if it benefits the company as well. Pelsis aims to satisfy both.

For a majority of consumers, thorough hand-drying is an essential part of the handwashing routine. Pelsis Hand Dryer’s clean, contemporary designs are reassuring sights in a public restroom. Its quick 25 to 30-second drying time is essential for people on-the-go.

Meanwhile, the effective 2100 watt power draw and the motor’s high speed 5000 RPM is the kind of reliable performance that company owners appreciate. The simple and discreet wiring options when installing each unit is a breath of fresh air, too.


Aside from outstanding performance, Pelsis Hand Dryers have incredibly robust cover materials.

The Pelsis Hand Dryer DV2100P has the structurally sturdy ABS Plastic cover. This casing has the tensile strength to resist physical impact and chemical corrosion. This allows the unit to withstand heavy use.                

The DV2100S is housed in Brushed Stainless Steel. It is highly resilient with high impact resistance. It has low susceptibility to brittleness at high and low temperatures. Its brushed texture deflects fingerprints, smudges, and scratches.

The DV2100W has a White Metal shell. This material is known for being very strong but light weight. Because of its low melting point and low friction surface, it minimizes shaft wear and improves the durability of the unit’s mechanical parts.

On top of these protective measures, each Pelsis unit has security lock screws and even a 2-year warranty for extra security.


Finally, to prove that Pelsis is here for the long run, Precept Commercial Corporation offers to service each Pelsis Hand Dryer unit bought by businesses in the metro. Maintenance can be performed every 6 months or more frequently, especially for units in particularly high traffic establishments.

For your business’ bathrooms, there’s strength in Pelsis Hand Dryers. Pelsis is exclusively distributed to the local market by Precept Commercial Corporation.

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