If You Care For Your Staff, You Should Care Enough to Invest in a Snowflake Air Purifier.

If You Care For Your Staff, You Should Care Enough to Invest in a Snowflake Air Purifier.

Steve Jobs once said, “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

Shelly Lazaro, owner of Home Rituals Day Spa and founder of the Cytherea Global Group of Companies, abides by this quote with a passion. Lazaro has always been in the forefront of promoting wellness and well-being. This trait she extends to her staff whom she greatly relies on.

“It all starts with a good environment.”, Lazaro shares. “I make sure my employees have a work place they will want to go to everyday. And I make sure that work place has clean air.”

Each Home Rituals Day Spa --located in some of the most exclusive and reputable country clubs nationwide-- has the H13 HEPA Snowflake Air Purifier. For Lazaro, Snowflake is a necessary tool for both people and business health.

It Creates a Welcoming Safe Space

In this day and age, people put greater value on hygiene in public spaces. Snowflake does its part by purifying the air in every office with a series of built-in technologies. Snowflake has the medical-grade H13 Hepa Filter which reduces allergens in the air, the Activated Carbon Filter which absorbs odor and vapor, the Cold Catalyst Filter which traps toxic air and release it as fresher air, the Short Wavelength UV light which eliminates microorganisms that potentially lead to diseases, and the Polar Ionizaton Tech which electrocharges molecules in the room to stunt the growth of bacteria and mold.

“It all boils down to trust.”, Lazaro explains. “Employers put a lot of trust in employees to get the job done at the end of every business day. Likewise, employees put a lot of trust in employers to provide them a workspace with clean air they’re comfortable to be in from 9 to 5.”

It Protects Vulnerable Members of the Staff

Not everyone’s health status is the same. The good news is that Snowflake does not discriminate. Instead, it gives companies the security of a well-planned purification coverage. It cleans the air of dust, odors, spores, allergens, and other particulate matter as small as 0.3 microns. It decontaminates an area of disease-carrying specks within a 50sqm radius in speeds of Rapid Purification. It is hypoallergenic. It operates without chemicals, deodorizers, or ozone gases. There are less chances of contracting an illness at work when all possible hygienic bases are covered.

“When an employee gets sick, the possibility of going on an unpaid leave is scary.”, Lazaro cites as an example. “An employer should be able to empathize and find ways to alleviate that fear. I choose good health practices, like keeping air-borne disease at bay.”

It Promotes Productivity and Positivity

Poor indoor air quality affects productivity in a huge way. It can weaken decision-making skills, spoil problem-solving abilities, deplete strategic thinking. Or worse, make people sick and absent. To put it simply, poor air quality leads to poor work quality or the lack thereof.

But it isn’t enough to put a random air filtering system in place. It’s important for the staff to know that the company cares enough for their wellness and well-being that it has put up a trusted air purification system for them. Snowflake is THAT system. Now, with worry off the table, your staff can go back to focusing on the work at hand.

"Part of an employer’s responsibility is to keep the employees healthy and happy.”, Lazaro states, “With Snowflake, I’d like to think I’m doing a good job. Without a doubt, it’s one of my best business investments”

If you care for your employees’ wellness and well-being, consider the H13 HEPA Snowflake Air Purifier as your best business investment, too.

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