Precept Website FAQs



What is the Warranty of your products:

  • Hypoair Air Purifiers - 1 year for Germ Defender & Air Angel / 2 years for Boomerang
  • Thermostar Dry Steam - 8 years on heating element, 4 years on electro mechanical parts inside the machine & 4 years labor
  • Rainbow SRX Cleaning System-
  • Pelsis Insect Killers - 2 years
  • Pelsis Hand Dryers - 2 years
  • Smixin Handwashing System - 2 years


Do you repair products?

Yes.  Clients can fill this form http://bit.ly/3sHGs5s to request for repair.


Do you sell original replacement parts?



Payment terms

Clients can pay via credit card or cash when they purchase.  Terms of credit is available for corporate clients subject to review and approval of Precept.


How soon can you deliver an order?

We can deliver in 1-2 days within Metro Manila


What is the difference between the various insect killers of Precept Glueboard, a Zapper & a Vacuum type insect killer?

3 ways to eliminate insects are trapping them with a glueboard, trapping them in a collection basket & zapping them. Glueboard type insect killer attracts insects with its UV bulb and traps the insects with a glueboard/ sticky board, Vacuum type insect killer draws the insects with its fan and traps them in the bottom/ collection basket and a Zapper type insect killer attracts the insects with its UV and zaps/ electrocutes them.  Choosing which one to buy will depend on where to place them.


How long will an insect killer UV bulb last?

Insect killer bulbs should last between 6-12 mos (Elektrik – Pelsis)


How often do you need to replace an insect killer’s glueboard ?

Replacement of glueboard for your insect killer will depend on the insect infestation. Some commissaries replace them every month while others replace them weekly.


How much is the installation fee for insect killers.

Fee is P100/ unit for a minimum of 3 units to install per client and in 1 location


Can you recommend an insect killer for my small coffee shop?

If your front of house (customer area) is around 25sqm, you can consider Luralite Cento, a discreet way to eliminate insects. 


Do I use any insect killer anywhere in our large commissary?

The insect killer for a commissary should be a glueboard type insect killer to reduce food contamination.  Use of zapper insect killers in food sensitive areas is unhygienic because parts of an insect (like a fly) will land on the food when flies are caught or zapped with an electric grid.


Can I use any UV bulb for my insect killer?

No. You have to use the prescribed Pelsis or Elektrik insect killer bulbs to ensure product effectivity.


Why Shatterproof bulb instead of Non-Shatter Proof

Shatterproof bulb has a protective coating that prevents the release of broken glass in case of breakage. This ensues maximum safety in your home, workplace, especially in food preparation areas.


What is a Synergetic bulb for insect killers?

This is a green UV bulb that is proven to attract a much wider range of flying insects.  It is a superior UV bulb among the available UV bulbs in the market.


When should I replace my Waco water purifier filter?

Replacing the filter/s will depend on the water source.  If your water source provide cloudy water, you will need to replace your water filter/s in less than a year.


Is Alkaline water really good for you?

Proponents of alkaline water believe in its proposed health benefits. These include:

Anti-aging properties (via liquid antioxidants that absorb more quickly into the human body)

Colon-cleansing properties

Immune system support

Hydration, skin health, and other detoxifying properties

Weight loss

Cancer resistance

Can I install the Waco water purifier by myself?

Precept can install for you at a fee – hassle free for you.


Do I need to have my water filtration checked every year?

Yes. Precept can recommend which filter should be replaced so you can use the water filter system optimally.


Does a water filter come with a faucet?

Yes, Waco Under The Sink models come with a faucet which can be positioned at your kitchen sink.


What can I clean with a Thermostar Dry Steam?

Deep clean floors (tiles, carpets, parquet, laminates), furniture (rattan, leather even bed mattresses), bathrooms & appliances (refrigerators, ovens)


How much can my business save when I use a Thermostar Dry Steam?

Our study shows an P8,000.00 savings / month due to the reduction of chemical use & cleaning time.


Can you give me a free demo of the Thermostar Dry Steam?

Yes, please send your details here sales.precept@pncgarnet.com with subject requesting for free Thermostar Demo


I’ve seen less expensive dry steam cleaning units in the market, how do you compare with those?

Thermostar Dry Steam operates at a 180 celsius temperature, it produces little moisture so your furniture (for example) won’t get wet from the steam, it has a refillable tank which you can access even when the machine is in use, it has 6-8 bars of pressure and a self-decalcifying technology.  I don’t think the less expensive units cannot really compare with the features of Thermostar Dry Steam.


Can I really use Thermostar Dry Steam to clean windows without a window cleaner chemical solution?

Yes.  You can also clean other parts of your place with reduced or almost no chemical needed (soap, degreasing solution) and all you need is just a steam from Thermostar.



What is the difference with a Rainbow SRX Cleaning System compared to other vacuum cleaners.

Rainbow SRX Cleaning System doesn’t have a dustbag and uses water to clean.  It is a vacuum cleaner proven to reduce air pollutants which other vacuum cleaners cannot claim.


Can Rainbow SRX Cleaning System clean my carpet?

Yes, it can clean a carpet.  In fact, dirt and stains can be eliminated on a carpet using a specific attachment  Rainbow’s Mini-Jet attachment.


How do I use my Rainbow SRX as a deodorizer?

Just drop a few essential oils in the water chamber and turn on the machine. 


Why does a Rainbow SRX have a Hepa H13 (medical grade) filter since it's just a vacuum cleaner?

Rainbow SRX’s is more than just a vacuum cleaner.  It has a unique water filtration system which captures typical household dirt, while remaining microscopic particles are caught by Rainbow SRX’s HEPA Neutralizer Filtration System. This two-stage filtration combination removes nearly 100% of dirt and contaminants from your home.


How do I use a Hypoair Snowflake Air Purifer?

Place in a room and plug to a power outlet.  Press the top buttons to select your preferred speed.


How come you advertise Hypoair Snowflake as the complete air purifier?

Hypoair Snowflake have 5 ways in cleaning the area.  It has Polar Ionization, UV Light, Cold Catalyst Filter, Activated Carbon Filter and a Hepa Filter which is medical grade.  Compared to other air purifiers which has 1 technology (Hepa Filter) in the market – Hypoair Snowflake is complete with its 5 technologies to purify the air.


Can I wash the Hypoair Snowflake filter to save on expense?

Best to use a replacement filter because washing the filter will reduce the effectivity of the unit.


Hypoair Snowflake unit is a bit loud, and my son cannot sleep because of it but I need it to be working to keep his asthma in check, what do I do?

Hypoair Snowflake has a dark mode which shuts off light and fan level would be at 1 for an almost silent operation).


I plan to place units by our reception area because we receive guests, is this, okay?

Yes, you can turn on Hypoair Snowflake’s Smart Controls which will automatically adjust the wind speed based on air quality which may vary since the area is a busy place.


How can I Become a distributor?

You can email the following documents to sales.precept@pncgarnet.com with subject: Distributor Application and Precept will call you for a meeting.

  1. DTI permit
  2. Mayor's Permit/Business Permit
  3. BIR 1901 for COR application