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Smixin Combi (Countertop) Smix White

Smixin Combi (Countertop) Smix White

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The new Smixin Combi Counter 'Smix White is designed to have a clean and sleek look. This new Combi version will not affect the usability of the Smixin Combi pouches you currently have stocks of.

Although the new model maintained all the primary handwashing functions of the original Smixin unit there are a number of changes that should be taken note of:

1. White Color - The new version of the unit will have a white matte color that exudes cleanliness that is expected of a handwash system.

2. LCD Screen - The LCD Screen maintain it current screen dimensions but will no longer be touch screen. This was done to improve the screen's reliability 

3. WLAN - In response to the global shortage of semiconductors, the new Smixin units will no longer have built-in WLAN connection. However, we can still modify the settings and upload new videos using a programming kit that needs to be connected on site. 

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