After Sales Service


  • Installation fee applies to PRECEPT products.

Warranty Period

For new PRECEPT products, warranty period begins on the Sales Invoice date.

  • Hypoair Air Purifiers - 1 year for Germ Defender & Air Angel / 2 years for Boomerang
  • Thermostar Dry Steam - 8 years on heating element, 4 years on electro mechanical parts inside the machine & 4 years labor
  • Pelsis Insect Killers - 2 years
  • Pelsis Hand Dryers - 2 years
  • Smixin Handwashing System - 2 years
  • Rainbow SRX Cleaning System - 10 years on motor/electronic controller and 4 years on service.

User Responsibilities

During the warranty period, the user is responsible for:

  • Providing proof of the warranty based on Sales Invoice date.
  • Costs to investigate complaints, unless the problem is caused by a defect in PRECEPT material or workmanship.
  • Giving timely notice (within 24 hours) of a warrantable failure and promptly making the product available for repair.
  • Performance of required maintenance (including proper cleaning of the product and use of PRECEPT approved spareparts, consumables and replacement of normal wear and tear items).


PRECEPT is not responsible for failures resulting from:

  • Any use or installation which PRECEPT judges improper.
  • Attachments, accessory items, and parts not sold or approved by PRECEPT.
  • Abuse, neglect, and/or improper repair.
  • User’s delay in notifying PRECEPT of a problem, continuing to use the product with an evident problem, or making the product available after being notified of a potential product problem.
  • Unauthorized repair or adjustments, and unauthorized setting changes if applicable.
  • Natural breakdown of colors and materials over extended time and use.

Service / Repair

  • Report your product for checking here
  • User may deliver the product for service/repair at the PRECEPT office in Alabang, Muntinlupa.
  • PRECEPT will not charge a service fee for check up/ assessment of faulty products still covered by the warranty. Service fee for check up/assessment will apply for product beyond warranty.
    • If a defect in material or workmanship is found during the warranty period, PRECEPT will, during normal working hours from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Monday to Friday only) will:
      • Replace spare parts and other service items for free made unusable by the defect
      • Provide necessary service needed to correct the defect, including removal and installation of parts when necessary to make the repair, for the PRECEPT product warranty period.
      • Provide (at PRECEPT discretion) new or PRECEPT-approved repaired parts or assembled components needed to correct the defect. All replacement parts provided under the terms of this warranty are warranted for the remainder of the warranty period applicable to the product in which the parts were installed as if such parts were original components of the PRECEPT product. (NOTE: Items replaced under warranty become the property of PRECEPT.)
  • PRECEPT will repair faulty products beyond warranty, subject to the proposed repair fee by PRECEPT (after the assessment).
  • PRECEPT will repair faulty products with Manufacturer supplied parts only. Replacement parts are subject to fees for faulty products outside of the warranty period.