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Smixin Compact Handwashing System

Smixin Compact Handwashing System

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The Compact is a next-generation, ecological faucet. This 2-in-1 soap and water dispenser is an extremely economic and sustainable solution and can be connected to an external monitoring platform, designed to satisfy even the most demanding facility manager.
  • Sensor 
    The Combi works entirely touchless. Thanks to the integrated infrared sensor, the systems knows when to dispense soap, water and paper.
  • Soap
    The Combi has the SMU patented technology build-in. Soap, water and air are mixed in an optimal, hygienic way into a pleasant emulsion. Please read below for more information.
  • Water 
    The water flows with a pleasant pressure on the hands, and 90% less water is used compared to a normal faucet.
  • Connectivity
    The Combi comes with connectivity. This allows you to adjust parameters remotely, get real-time monitoring of usage and push videos onto the interactive screen. 

Price does not include delivery and installation fee (if applicable). 

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