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Molecular Cleaner (Thermostar MediClean Tec)

Molecular Cleaner (Thermostar MediClean Tec)

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The perfect complement to our unique micro-dry
steam technology: residue-free deep cleaning through
the natural power of enzymes.

Molecular Cleaner is an effective and biodegradable enzymatic cleaner. Thanks to micro-splitting, organic
contaminants are removed quickly and efficiently. This results in practically no residues in the form of
surfactants or similar deposits. The working solution can essentially be used on all water-insensitive surfaces
and is chemically completely harmless. So, when dry steam alone is no longer sufficient, you‘ll be on the safe
side with Molecular Cleaner.
Enzymes are components of every living being. Molecular Cleaner makes use of enzymes to break down fats,
proteins and starches, making it perfect for removing a variety of organic contaminants


• Dissolve ½ measuring spoon �2.5g) of the powder in ½ litre of
cold water. It is best to use the specially designed spray bottle.
• Now spray the Molecular Cleaner solution on the soiled surface
and leave it to take effect for 1�3 minutes. The enzymes will now
do their work and break down the organic contaminants.
For sensitive fabrics and surfaces, it is recommended to perform
a test on a non-visible area to check for colour fastness.
• Finally, remove the solution thoroughly using micro-dry steam
and a clean microfibre cloth.
• Once prepared, your Molecular Cleaner solution can be safely
stored in the spray bottle for several months.


Areas of use
Professional cleaning of:
• carpets, upholstery, walls and ceilings
• all surfaces in kitchens and areas used for catering and food
• machines and industrial facilities
• glass, facades and awnings
• photovoltaic systems, and in fire damage restoration


Living the future – rethinking hygiene
We take responsibility for conservation of nature and waste
reduction – because the future belongs to our children.
Take advantage of the possibilities of modern cleaning and benefit
two times over! You save energy, effort and time in your household –
and we supply you with the professional product you need to do so.

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