Why Waco Water Needs to be a Part of Your Hhome and Your Health.

Why Waco Water Needs to be a Part of Your Hhome and Your Health.

You know for a fact that the water in your home can either be a source of health, or a source of illnesses. Of course, you’re not willing to take any chances. So you invest in supplies of bottled water, weekly water deliveries, even water dispensers.


There’s a safer, smarter solution though –and that is to invest in WACO. WACO Corp, the leader in water purification, has been exporting its water filtration system to top establishments in over 50 countries around the globe. Believing that clean, healthy water is for everyone, WACO is now available for you. Now you have free rein on WACO’s unique water filters, and full control on how healthy you want your water to be.



Before reaching your tap, water goes through a journey that has it passing through dirt, sand, and rust. WACO’s HQ7-2F filter set has the Ecomac 2-in-1 which effectively removes all these contaminants. Including those you can’t see, like chlorine, pesticides, and chemicals. This is the kind of clean that eliminates viruses and bacteria. You have to admit, it’s a huge step up from your regular bottled water.



WACO”s HQ7-4F Nano Alkaline is a filter set that has 4 cartridges. But unlike a water jug delivery, you won’t need to stack these cartridges in one corner of the house. Every WACO filter set is installed discreetly under your sink. Despite being tucked away, this filter set continues to make waves. With a Nano pH filter, it transforms tap water into Alkaline water. Alkaline is high in antioxidants and minerals that detoxify and improve your body’s immunity. This filter set also prevents germs from propagating.



WACO’s HWNP-200 is for you if you are a huge fan of alkaline water but would rather have it in the most natural way possible. This filter set has the Alkali Bio Filter. It makes the best out of your regular tap water  by transforming it into alkaline water, thanks to inorganic minerals such as Coral Sand, Kaoline, and Calcium. According to studies, this combination improves skin and bone health, soothers acid reflux, reduces cholesterol, and enhances hydration.



Lastly, the HQ7-4F from WACO’s filtration system really helps you take full control of your home’s water health. It has put together the Ecomac 2-in-1, the Nano pH filter, an Ultrafiltration Membrane Filter and a Post Carbon filter in one set. You can do your own mix and match, too, as long as they’re within WACO’s standards. Installing and reinstalling cartridges is a breeze. So much easier than lugging heavy water jugs onto water dispensers.


It’s amazing how much you can get out of a filter set that hides under your sink. With the WACO Water Filtration System, you have control over your health at home.

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