Waco Water Filtration Facts Every Office Should Know About.

Waco Water Filtration Facts Every Office Should Know About.

Every manager knows that a huge part of business success comes from employee wellness. To ensure this, a good place to start is with a healthy water supply in the workplace. Now, before you say “We have jugs of purified water in the backroom!”, here’s a better alternative: WACO.


WACO Corporation is the world leader in water purifiers and dispensers. It exports from Korea to over 50 countries. And, it uses a unique water filtration system that makes pure drinking water purer.

Here are the #facts.


FACT 1: #EssentialControl

How sure are you that the office’s tap water is passing through hygienic reticulated pipes? How sure are you that the water delivered to your lobby did not pick up diseases along the way?

Publicly accessible contaminated water is a huge managerial fear. But you can take control with your very own WACO Water Filtration System right inside your office space. With your choice of under-the-sink water purifiers or stand-alone, space-saving water dispensers, WACO filters your water in real time so you and your staff can enjoy clean water anytime.


FACT 2: #ExpertClean

WACO takes clean quite too seriously. Its series of under-the-sink water purifiers use the advanced technology of combination filters.

  • The HQ7-2F has the Ecomac 2-in-1 --a single cartridge Sediment and Carbon filter that effectively removes dirt, sand, rust, chlorine, odor, organic contaminants, pesticides and chemicals with Granular Activated Carbon. Its second cartridge is a Multi-UF Membrane 2-in-1 that combines a UF Membrane Filter with a Carbon Block Filter. It removes virus and bacteria, as well as pesticides and chemicals with Activated Carbon Block.
  • The HQ7-4F Nano Alkaline, on the other hand, has 4 cartridges. On top of its Sediment filter, it has a Pre-Carbon Block filter that gets rid of impurities with Activated Carbon Block. With a Nano pH filter, it transforms tap water into Alkaline water through special formulation composite Alkali media. This filter is high in antioxidants and minerals that protect one’s body. Finally, a Post-Carbon filter gets rid of organic contaminants with high grade Granular Activated Carbon. This filter prevents germs from propagating, thus, eliminating the possibility of water smelling or tasting bad.
  • The HQ7-4F UF Alkaline’s puts together the best in filter set includes an Ecomac 2-in-1, an Ultrafiltration Membrane Filter, a Nano pH filter, and a Post Carbon filter.
  • The HWNP-200, likewise, has the Sediment, Pre-Carbon, Ultrafiltration Membrane, and Post-Carbon filters. But what sets it apart is its Alkali Bio Filter. It turns tap water into alkaline water through alkali balls abundant in inorganic minerals such as Coral Sand, Kaoline, and Calcium which are beneficial to bone and skin health.


WACO’s W2-160P mirrors the filter set of WACO’s HWNP-200. It has Sediment, Pre-Carbon, Ultrafiltration Membrane, Alkali Bio, and Post-Carbon filters in a stainless steel, compact hot-and-cold water dispenser.


FACT 3: #ExtraConvenience

What’s more, owning a WACO water purifier or water dispenser saves you on weekly delivery expenses. It saves you on space as it does away with the need for a stock room to store water jugs. And, it puts an end to the hassle of lugging around and heavy-lifting gallons of water.

With the WACO Water Filtration System, you have control over clean and convenience.

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