Top Companies With Completely Clean Indoor Air | H13 Hepa Snowflake Air Purifier

Top Companies With Completely Clean Indoor Air | H13 Hepa Snowflake Air Purifier

Companies in the business of service have one top priority: To make certain their offices and centers remain comfortable and safe for their clients. For these 4 establishments, that means putting great value on air hygiene.

Each and every one of them use the H13 HEPA Snowflake Air Purifier.


With an OPEN 24/7 sign in all of its 4,500 branches, Anytime Fitness is no doubt the most available and accessible gym in the fitness industry. It has coaches with expertise that spans several program options

For these reasons, it is no surprise that the company choose Snowflake for its air purification needs.

Snowflake matches Anytime Fitness in terms of coverage. Snowflake does not allow a single particulate matter to go unnoticed. It detects solid particles and liquid droplets in the air even the ones down to the size of 0.3 microns. It traps dust, dirt, soot, and smoke within a 50sqm radius. It can clean the air in as short as 30 minutes and can run for as long as 24 hours to secure consistently clean air. Snowflake keeps the air healthy for those who go to the Anytime Fitness to keep healthy.


Surge Fitness has made a name for itself in both the fitness and technology industry. It offers the latest physical training programs, uses only the most advanced exercise equipment, and innovates with gamified workouts. People come here if they want to take their fitness routine to the next level.

Do you know what else makes use of technologies in 5 different levels? The Snowflake Air Purifier. It has the H13 HEPA Filter, a medical-grade film that effectively traps particulate matter including PM2.5; the Activated Carbon Filter that removes chemical gasses and heavy odors from the air; the Cold Catalyst Filter which eliminates formaldehyde; the UV Light level that inactivates microorganisms with short-wavelength ultraviolet light; and the Polar Ionization Process, the level that splits water vapor into polarized ions to inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

Those are state-of-the-art reasons why Surge chooses Snowflake.



Fil-Global is on a mission to secure a world-class future for Filipinos. For years, it has been offering legal, immigration, and recruitment programs that can readily equip its clients for educational and occupational opportunities overseas.

To secure their future even further, Fil-Global has put a Snowflake Air Purifier in its offices.


Like Fil-Global, Snowflake protects the future of Filipinos by securing their health indoors. In crowded venues, Snowflake removes airborne microscopic carriers of virus and bacteria to reduce the chances of spreading diseases. It eliminates allergens like pollen and dust mites to relieve symptoms of asthma. It traps harmful fumes and heavy odors that may cause respiratory infections. Snowflake is also hypoallergenic. It purifies the air without the use of chemicals, deodorizers, and ozone gas. To further its cause, Snowflake takes in a space’s toxic air and releases clean air in its place.



The Village Sports Club is a comprehensive and sustainable sports and recreation facility that provides the means for a healthy llifestyle and the indulgence of wellness and relaxation. If a member wants to recharge, the Club is a complete package. The Village Sports Club has perfected the art of managing its multiple services to keep its community satisfied. It even has complete control of its air hygiene, thanks to the Snowflake Air Purifier.


Snowflake has an Indoor Air Quality Sensor that changes color when it detects a contaminant in the air. From there, the user has the option to adjust the purifier’s 5-level Adjustable Wind Speed or leave it all up to Smart Controls. Snowflake’s Smart Controls automatically reconfigures wind speed and coverage according to the degree of decontamination required. Snowflake also has a Dark and Quiet Mode so that it operates

with its light dimmed and its sound lowered, allowing the Club’s members to concentrate on their sport or to fully relax in their sauna session. With Snowflake’s timer, a user can schedule the length of air purification. The Filter Replacement Sensor also tells the user when to schedule a call to Snowflake’s distribution center.



4 different companies. 1 aim to service their clients alongside completely clean air. It’s a good thing H13 HEPA Snowflake has the complete air purification system for all of them. Your business may want a Snowflake, too.


Exclusively distributed to the local market by Precept Commercial Corporation.

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