Time to Take Home the Industrial-level Steam Cleaner, Thermostar Avantgarde

Time to Take Home the Industrial-level Steam Cleaner, Thermostar Avantgarde

Dry steam cleaning isn’t anything new. It was invented more than 30 years ago and was fully embraced by industrial companies.

The real big news is Thermostar inventing a dry steam cleaner FOR THE HOME --but with the power that is still worthy of industrial companies.                

Unlike other dry steam cleaners for home-use, Thermostar has put all of its heavy-duty cleaning technology in its handy, family-friendly Avantgarde unit. 

What does that mean for you as a homeowner?


   To create steam, you need water and heat, right? Thermostar Avantgarde’s heating element is 4 times more powerful than a conventional heating coil. This boiler is so efficient that it works with a dual chamber system, too. You can comfortably refill the tank with water even while using the machine.

Continuous use can create calcification of the heating elements though. This could end up in moist steam. To maintain high quality steam, Thermostar has a self-decalcifying electromechanical float that expands to dissolve the limescale build-up. Good, powerful steam is restored. This is automatic as the temperature rises so you won’t even need to worry about it.


   One obvious savings from using Thermostar Avantgarde is that you won’t need to buy any other cleaning agents. It’s safe and easy to use, too, so you won’t need to hire a professional. On your own, you can use 6 to 8 bar of steam pressure that’s readily available 24/7. Because of this professional standard technology, the Thermostar hardly needs maintenance. In fact, with its built-in operating hours meter, self-controlled temperature indicator, and water pump rubber sleeves, you can expect a longer lifespan of the Avantgarde.

But what makes it worth your every cent is its all-roundability. The Thermostar can deep clean wall tiles, glass and mirror surfaces, kitchen and bathroom faucets and joints, hard-to-reach places, even those with stubborn limescale and soap residues.


    Lastly, Thermostar Avangarde does wonders for your family’s wellness. Dry steam cleaning with high temperatures specifically reached by Thermostar safely removes germs and bacteria from any surface in your abode. The steam can actually lift microbes and parasites living beneath their own protective biofilm. It is THAT powerful. Easily, Thermostar can help you fight parasites and allergies. It also improves indoor air quality by reducing dirt and dust particles in the air as well as by eliminating unpleasant odor.

All this with something as natural as dry steam. You can be sure Thermostar will never leave cleaning agent stains or chemical residues anywhere in your home. Every day, you can enjoy good hygiene and a good mood.

  Get yourself a Thermostar Avantgarde. Industrial level cleaning for your home. Buy your Thermostar Dry Steam Cleaner from Precept Commercial Corporation.

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