Supporting the COVID-19 Recovery

Supporting the COVID-19 Recovery

By: Jon Bennert on May 14th, 2020

Now, as we hear talk of reopening society, please know that Air Oasis stands ready, alongside our customers and partners, to press into this challenge and to help where we can.

Our team is working very hard to keep up with the increased demand for our home and commercial air purifiers, knowing that some have had to wait while we increased production in the midst of interrupted supply lines. Production plans are made months in advance, so it has taken us and our supply chain partners a couple of months to adapt to the current situation. Our goal is to have supply chain stability and heightened production by early June.

We commit to the following as we fight on in anticipation of the reopening of our great society:

  • To be part of the solution however we can: we are launching a new partnership to get air purifiers in doctor’s offices, air purifiers in dentist offices and air purifiers in medical facilities.
  • To provide a safe working environment for our team and allow remote work where possible: we know that air purifiers support immune health and are an important lifestyle choice both for our employees and customers.
  • To communicate clearly what we can do and what we cannot;
  • To continue financially supporting non-governmental organizations on the front lines of this battle such as Samaritan’s Purse.
  • To make the very best products we can, knowing they help support a clean indoor environment.

May this find you well. 

Stay safe, and God Bless.



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