Smixin Against COVID-19

Smixin Against COVID-19


Smixin against Covid-19


Smixin protects your clients and employees against Covid-19

Biel/Bienne, Switzerland – Because handwashing is absolutely crucial in today’s world – all businesses need to think about what kind of hand hygiene facility they want to provide to their clients, customers, employees, or guests. A cost-benefit analysis (for the provider AND the user of the handwashing facility) is, therefore, necessary to make a choice between different options. Efficiency, customer experience, sustainability, and financial impact are critical factors when deciding. For us, the choice for Smixin is pretty clear. Let’s dive into each factor:

Efficiency: The American CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and WHO highly recommend hand washing over hand sanitizer. Handwashing cleans the hands more thoroughly, sanitizer does not kill all germs and microbes (just reduces them). Especially when there is dirt or grease on the hands, there is a high preference for handwashing. Read here for the full explanation. Hygiene levels after washing your hands with Smixin (12-15 seconds) are better than washing your hands for 60 seconds as per the WHO / RKI / ECDC guideline – as confirmed by HygCen a leading independent testing institute. Cleary Smixin is the preferred choice here.

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Customer experience: Applying 10 to 20 times hand sanitizer on your hands is unpleasant. Sometimes the sanitizer liquid leaves a film of sticky leftovers on your hands. After a couple of times, the only thing you want to do is wash your hands. A true clean feeling of the hands can only be acquired with handwashing, not with sanitizer.

Sustainability: One thing that this crisis made clear was that we are with a LOT of people on this Earth. This means we need to be smart with our resources. We need to reuse and stop using quick plastics. Smixin uses 90% less water, 60% less soap, and 60% less paper. We plead for a one-time investment, but life-long value. An investment worth making: COVID-19 and other infectious diseases will remain among us for a longer period of time.

Financial impact: A Smixin system requires a higher financial investment than hand sanitizer and sometimes more than a build-in sink and handsoap dispenser (depending per country and brand choice). However – due to the extremely low use of water, soap, and paper, the return on investment period is shorter than you think. Thereby comes a steep reduction of maintenance costs, since Smixin systems are cleaner than normal sinks, and refill can be planned ahead: due to our build in communication module you know exactly how many handwashing cycles are remaining. Please click here for a company-specific return on investment calculation for your business.


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