Shelly Lazaro on Business, Wellness, and Clean Air with Snowflake

Shelly Lazaro on Business, Wellness, and Clean Air with Snowflake

The flow of air around us has a significant impact on our wellbeing.


If there’s anyone who stands by this basic truth, it’s spa magnate, Shelly Lazaro. “Effective breathing is the key to wellness.”, she points out. “That’s why I make sure the air in all of my offices is completely pure.”

Lazaro is the founder, Chairman, and CEO of Cytherea Global Group of Companies. Her first ever business venture was in 2004-- the importation, licensing, and distribution of skincare and wellness brands. To complement her passion for providing products that promote well-being, she ventured into spa operations as well. Currently, she owns several spas and wellness centers aptly called HOME RITUALS Day Spa by Cytherea. These are located in some of the most exclusive and reputable members-only country clubs in the country.

Every HOME RITUALS Day Spa by Cytherea has the H13 HEPA Snowflake Air Purifier.



“I choose Snowflake because I feel more secure knowing that it can be so thorough!”, Lazaro mused.


Snowflake purifies the air of dust, odors, spores, allergens, and other particulate matter as small as 0.3 microns. It does this without the use of chemicals, deodorizers, and ozone gas. Instead, Snowflake is hypoallergenic. It works fast because it follows a rapid purification system. Its decontamination coverage is widespread, too. It gets rid of disease-carrying specks within a 50sqm radius.



“The way it purifies the air is mind-blowing!”, Lazaro exclaimed. “It has a number of levels. Each one gets the job done completely.”  


Snowflake has 5 technologies built in.

  • The H13 Hepa Filter is a medical-grade film that traps the smallest air particles to reduce allergens in the air.
  • The Activated Carbon Filter absorbs the odor, vapor, and volatile organic compounds that seep out of man-made chemicals.
  • The Cold Catalyst Filter transforms the formaldehyde in building material fumes into less toxic air.
  • The Short-wavelength UV Light targets airborne microorganisms like bacteria, mold, and viruses and inactivates them.
  • The Polar Ionization tech electrically charges molecules in the air, transforming them into positive and negative ions, to inhibit the growth of bacteria and molds.

These technologies make the H13 Hepa Snowflake Air Purifier THE complete air purifier in the business.



But what really completes Snowflake’s air-purifying process is the customer-control feature set. According to Lazaro, “As a spa owner and as a meticulous business woman, I like being a part of something that can help me breathe easy.”  


These features include an Indoor Air Quality Sensor that changes color to notify the customer when it detects particulate matter in the air; a Wind Speed Dial that can be adjusted depending on the room size or the gravity of decontamination needed; Dark Mode that turns off the light and the fan for a much-needed silent operation; Smart Controls that sense air quality and adjusts the wind speed accordingly.


Are you a spa owner, too? Take it from Shelly Lazaro, “The H13 HEPA Snowflake Air Purifier is THE complete air purifier!”

Exclusively distributed to the local market by Precept Commercial Corporation.

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