Is Your Drinking Water Clean?

Is Your Drinking Water Clean?

We may have not noticed it, but we are obsessed with drinking water.  We drink water when we wake up, during meals and all through out the day. Water maintain the balance of body fluids, can help control calories, helps energize muscles and keeps the skin looking good.  But do we really know if the water we are drinking can do all these?  It can-  if our drinking water is CLEAN.

While we buy bottled & sealed drinking water from the convenience store when we are out, our home drinking water is probably from a 5 gallon container sourced from a nearby water station.  Water stations litter the metro but not all follow the prescribed hygiene standards.  It is cheaper but you don’t really know if they are clean. 

Clean drinking water need not be a guessing game.  Various water filtration products are available in hardware and online stores.  Choose the filtration system based on your need.  If you need to get rid of dirt, sand, rush and other solid particles – all you need is just a Sediment filter.  If you want to remove chlorine, odor, organic contaminants, pesticides, chemicals – add a Pre-Carbon filter.  If you want to remove bacteria and virus—a Ultrafiltration filter can be added to your water system.  To prevent propagation of germs and eliminate unpleasant smell, taste and pigments – add another layer of filtration which is Post Carbon filter.  Now, if you believe in the health benefits of Alkaline water, thrown in an Alkali filter that will transform your water into Alkaline water thru the use of Alkali balls or with an Alkali filter media.

Now, if you have your water filtration system in your home, you don’t need delivery guys to enter your abode (less virus exposure), you don’t need to store those bulky containers (more storage space for your shoes) and you get peace of mind that your drinking water is CLEAN.

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