Ionic Air Purifiers And COVID-19

Ionic Air Purifiers And COVID-19

Ionic Air Purifiers And COVID-19

Dr. Jeff Bennert  
March 12, 2020

This week the World Health Organization labeled COVID-19 a global pandemic. There are many things we don’t know and a few things that medical professionals and officials do know. For people who are uniquely at risk, this virus is of even greater concern.

COVID-19 causes respiratory issues similar to CoV-2 (commonly known as SARS) and has a relatively lengthy incubation period. This means that people who have the illness may not show symptoms right away. Increasingly, people who may have come into contact with infected people are being urged to self-quarantine in the interest of public health.

At Air Oasis, we understand that the unease and fear about COVID is real. Our ionic air purifiers are effective against viruses like these.

Whether in your home or at your office, clean air and surfaces are going to be vital components of a common sense plan for protection against any virus.

Because viruses can’t be treated with antibiotics, it’s every health expert’s goal that people would utilize best practices to avoid contracting COVID-19 in the first place. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends common sense hygiene practices, like washing your hands and avoiding physical contact. For many of us who are reading the news everyday, we want to be able to do even more. Hygiene can even extend to the air you breathe. That’s why respiratory hygiene has become a topic of discussion during the spread of this virus.

Air Quality and COVID-19

Most of the public places you go—from your gym to the movie theater—are upping their game on sanitization. The World Health Organization (WHO) reminds the public that droplets of fluid are the primary culprit for spreading this virus. As such, they recommend regularly disinfecting surfaces and handles. Air Oasis technology has been shown in test studies to sanitize surfaces that have been exposed to pathogens such as MRSA.

In addition to guidelines about disinfecting surfaces, WHO has also issued suggestions about respiratory hygiene. This includes face masks or tissues to protect well people from sick people. This is designated as a “source control” measure. For people who are uninfected, face masks are unnecessary. What the CDC recommends for these people, especially healthcare personnel, is that they put measures in place to protect themselves from contaminated air.

Air Purifiers for Viruses

Where they are installed, air purifiers can help reduce the likelihood that a virus is spread. A quality air purifier will utilize effective ionization technology to proactively neutralize airborne and surface-borne viruses. Because COVID-19 is prevalent in most states, strategizing now to provide ultimate protection for your home could include buying an air purifier that uses ionization. The most effective kind of air purifiers for viruses like COVID-19 use ionic air purification.

Go here to see a video of how our nano Induct™ can provide ionization that purifies the air in your entire home.

Ionic Air Purification to Prevent the Spread of Viruses

Engineering inventions like air purifying systems work to decrease the spread of disease. With any such system, you want:

  1. Air disinfection
  2. Air circulation
  3. Air purification

There are a few different ways air purifiers work. Some pull in and filter air manually, which can be cumbersome and—as you can imagine—could leave a quantity of unfiltered air in circulation at all times. A better alternative is known as ionic air purification.

How Ionic Air Purifiers Work

Ionization is a process that blankets an entire room or home, addressing viruses both in the air and on surfaces. It is a far more thorough and superior approach to home health than filtration-only systems. Filters are passive: they only treat what they trap in the filter media.

In contrast, ions neutralize airborne viruses as well as viruses on your tables, counters, furniture, etc. The ions interact with contaminants in a way that prevents them from spreading. Selecting a purifier with long-lasting ions is key. Many ionizers either use excessive ozone or do not produce ions that last long enough to circulate

Ionic air purifiers have a proven track record against viruses similar to COVID-19. In numerous studies, there is ample evidence that air purifiers can kill viruses.

The two best forms of ionization for air purification are:

  1. Advanced photocalytics ionization (our trademarked version is called AHPCO®)
  2. Cold plasma or Bi-Polar® ionization

Want to listen in on the science behind it all? Go here to check out an interview with Air Oasis founder, Dr. Jeff Bennert, and CEO, Jon Bennert.

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Air Oasis Air Ionizers

Our products have been specifically tested and proven effective to kill viruses in the air. Verified lab tests and extensive research backup our claims. Air Oasis air ionizers can deactivate:

  • Airborne viruses
  • Airborne allergens
  • Airborne bacteria
  • Airborne mold fungi

We have tested our air purifiers for effectiveness against other serious viruses.

Our ionic air purifiers can work against:

  • H1N1 human influenza virus
  • H5N1 influenza virus
  • Feline coronavirus
  • Coxsackie virus
  • Polio virus
  • SARS virus

This is an uncertain time. Everyone is committed to protecting our homes and families against the COVID-19 virus. If you see the value in adding a solid layer of support to your family’s health, shop online for the Air Oasis portable air purifiers and whole house air purifiers that are available for immediate purchase. We wish you the best health!

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