Introducing- Infiniti®, Pelsis' Game Changing UV LED Flykiller

Introducing- Infiniti®, Pelsis' Game Changing UV LED Flykiller

Pelsis have been tracking the progress of LED technology as a UV source since as far back as 2005 and they have regularly reviewed and invested in researching the advancement in this technology. Following a thorough testing period, Pelsis have developed Infiniti®, Insect-O-Cutor’s first flykiller with an UV LED source.

Infiniti® differentiates itself from other glueboard flykillers by utilising a unique patented* glueboard and patented* UV source to deliver superb efficacy. Fly catch trials have shown that Infiniti® offers catch results comparable to a 45W UV flykiller which uses traditional fluorescent lamps, whilst also offering 67% savings in energy running costs!

Pelsis is UK based firm that develops leading brands for specialist commercial markets, including flying insect control, bird control, general pest control and washroom hygiene solutions.

Precept continues to offer Pelsis' high quality insect control solutions to the local market.  Catch Infiniti® this 2021!

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