Insect-O-Cutors Technical and Aesthetic Guide to a Pest-Protected Home

Insect-O-Cutors Technical and Aesthetic Guide to a Pest-Protected Home

Dengue, Meningitis, Ecoli, Salmonella, Typhoid, Cholera. These are just some of the usual diseases common insects can bring into your home. To protect your family, you’re taking every possible precaution in pest control. But how do you know if you’re getting the most effective solution?

To be sure, choose Insect-O-Cutor by Pelsis. Insect-O-cutor leads the insect control solutions game globally --in both commercial and consumer markets. What sets it apart is its technical and design innovation. It’s technology kills insects more effectively than others, and its aesthetic makes your home look good while it’s doing it. Finally, great pest control that actually looks great.

For your consideration, your home’s Insect-O-Cutor package:




Luralite Plus and Luralite 2000 Cento are decorative glueboard insect killers under the Insect-O-Cutor brand. With their sturdy metal construction and white painted finish, they appear as dramatic, contemporary food prep area lights. But with Luralite’s pheromone-impregnated glueboard, GLUPAC, they can easily attract flying pests within 50 sqm, trapping them within.

For added reliability, Luralite comes with high-efficacy UV tubes and  UV stabilized glue




Stylish and slim, Prism is designed as a space-saver. But as Insect-O-Cutor’s pest eradicator, Prism is armed with pre-installed shatterproof UV tubes and a highly effective glueboard. It attracts flying insects within a 30 sqm range. And with pest-luring light from the top, the front, and the sides, Prism’s catch rate is significantly high.

The best part, its clean, sleek design gives you the option to place it on a countertop or mount it on a kitchen wall.




Aura, in the guise of a wall décor, is Insect-O-Cutor’s popular conversation piece. Underneath its robust brushed stainless steel exterior and unique circular frame, it has mesmerizing green light UV tubes called Synergetic which is proven to be more attractive to insects compared to regular UV bulvs. The green light not only attract a wide range of flying insects into Aura’s GLUPAC board, but they also give off 60% more useful illumination than regular wall-mounted insect killers.

With a coverage of 40 sqm, Aura is the artistic yet relentless statement for your breakfast nook or dining room.




To complete your pest-protected home, there’s Insect-O-Cutor’s Pluszap in 16 and 30 watts. Pluszap’s aluminum body is constructed to be compact and discreet. Its powerful UV lamps attract insects across 80 sqm (Pluszap30) right into its kill grid. Their staggered UV light design creates systematic UV light output that reduces energy consumption, too.

Plus, Pluszap’s polished look makes it easy to blend in. Mount it on a shelf to keep your pantry safe. Install it against the wall of your trash area. Or suspend it above your kitchen door to stop flies from entering.


When protecting your home from disease-carrying insects, choose the one the world chooses. The Technical and Design Innovator, Insect-O-Cutor. Insect-O-Cutor is exclusively distributed to the local market by Precept Commercial Corporation.

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