How is Upgrading to a Smixin Handwashing System Good for Business?

How is Upgrading to a Smixin Handwashing System Good for Business?

For your business to succeed, you need to keep up with the times. Upgrading your business technology increases efficiency with optimization, reduces expenses in operations, and improves the company’s security.


Believe it or not, this also applies to your company’s hand hygiene.

The necessary upgrade? The Smixin Handwashing System.


Smixin is a Swiss-patented, contactless hand hygiene innovation. It comes complete with water, soap, and paper towels. It gives your business efficiency, savings, and security you can control, too.


To better illustrate the Smixin upgrade, here are some comparisons.



Your establishment probably has the old tap still intact. It does its job. However, traditional faucets cannot do anything in the face of wasteful human error. Smixin’s solution: careful regulation. Each Smixin unit is equipped with the Smart-Mixing-Inside technology that blends together soap, water, and air –and then releases the aerated emulsion in programmed doses. The result is a more efficient handwashing experience.

Smixin consumes 90% less water. When you think about it, that can amount to 10 billion liters of water saved if everyone used Smixin. Smixin’s 1.5 liter soap pouch is sufficient for 3,000 cycles, allowing you 60% more to spare. Smixin’s paper dispenser, on the other hand, serves 400 paper pulls. The output is automatic, which benefits your business by 60% paper savings.



Traditional hygiene requires you to wash your hands in the exact length of Happy Birthday sung four times. Well and good. But Smixin’s take on hygiene is a lot more scientific.

Each Smixin unit is touch-free. This prevents bacteria and viruses from spreading by contact. The Smart Mixing Unit or SMU --the central module where the unique emulsion of water, soap, and air is made-- is attached to the TechnoPack, Smixin’s revolutionary soap pouch. So when you’re replacing the soap, you’re actually replacing the entire SMU with a brand new one. This prevents germs from growing in the dispenser due to prolonged use. What’s more, the SMU provides instant hand coverage and effective handwashing faster than the standard handwashing cycle recommended by WHO. A hygiene level check can prove that Smixin kills 99.9% of germs in as short as 12 seconds.


Whether you run a hotel, a restaurant, a mall, or any publicly-open establishment, the Smixin Handwashing System is a necessary upgrade your business needs. Smixin, All-in-One Smart Hand Hygiene. Smixin is  distributed to the local market by Precept Commercial Corporation.

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