How Ionization Addresses Smoke

Dr. Jeff Bennert, PhD, BCND
August 22, 2020

Even though it’s less common than it used to be, there are still plenty of people who smoke. Smoke (or vaped) particles impact outdoor and indoor air quality. Particles from combustible cigarettes or vape pens can fill the air with toxic gaseous pollutants. Ash particles don’t just dissolve into the air: they cling to clothes and hair and are recirculated and inhaled by other people.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that come from tobacco or marijuana smoke contain cadmium, benzene, vinyl chloride, ethylene oxide and arsenic. In one study, particles from cigarette smoking were collected on quartz filters and presented a significant number of compounds that could adversely impact health. Studies further find that it isn’t just firsthand or even secondhand smokers who are affected. A major source of hazardous air pollutants indoors is thirdhand tobacco smoke.

So, whether or not you or a relative smoke indoors, you may regularly be exposed to this kind of toxic environment. One of the most reliable options to clean your indoor air is an ionic air purifier.

Want an in-depth look at how ionic air purifiers work? Tap here to read more or check out a live illustration:

How Ionic Air Purifiers Work

There are two ways in which air purifiers that use ionization can work to combat the effects of cigarette smoke: 

  1. High-efficiency output air purifiers that discharge NAIs can remove particulate matter. This includes the kind that is left behind by cigarette smoke or vaping.
  2. Negative air ions (NAI) are discharged by ionic air purifiers, neutralizing positive ions and restoring balance.

Air Oasis has the most innovative technology to implement this process.

Air Oasis Bi-PolarⓇ Technology

At Air Oasis, we have led the way in ionic air purification for homes and businesses. Our air ionizing purification leverages Bi-Polar technology. This process uses low level electron voltage to convert water vapor into (+) hydrogen and (-) oxygen molecules. These can dissipate smoke in the air from cigars or cigarettes.

Bi-Polar technology creates a bio-climate that is rich in the right balance of positive and negative oxygen ions. It has the effect of completely removing the harmful particles and re-balancing the excessive influx of positive ions from cigarette smoke.

The health benefits of an air ionizer in your home include:

  • Eliminating allergens and irritants
  • Removing PMs from cigarette smoke and vape smoke
  • Getting rid of bad smells and odors

You will still have to clean the textiles (clothes, sheets, curtains) in your home, because particulate matter can get lodged in the fibers.

In addition to removing the harmful effects and odors of tobacco smoke, air purifiers can deactivate viruses, protect you from bacteria and offset the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Tap below to learn more about each of those benefits:

 If you’re looking for the best air purifier for cigarette smoke, here are the leading products.

A 20-second clip from a test done with the Bi-Polar2400 on its effectiveness against a continuous stream of cigar smoke.

Buy An Air Purifier to Get Rid of Smoke

Air Oasis has patented technology that increases the effectiveness of our air purifiers. We sell products that activate the Bi-Polar technology outlined above. 

Click the links below to learn more about each kind of air purifier for smoke:

  1. iAdapt AirⓇ series
  2. G3 series
  3. HVAC Bi-PolarⓇ 2400 whole house air ionizer



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