Dry Steam: Hygienic Cleanliness and Maximum Protection for Your Textiles

Dry Steam: Hygienic Cleanliness and Maximum Protection for Your Textiles

With Thermostar's unique technology, the steam is heated up in the boiler up to 174°C before you start cleaning. One of the biggest advantages compared with a customary steam cleaner is that the steam produced via the high temperature is very dry and suited perfectly for the cleaning of textiles; like beds, carpets and upholstered furniture. The textiles do not become wet, cannot burn and no moisture stains are left behind, leaving an incredibly deep clean with none of the normal issues with a steam cleaner. Thermostar also greatly reduces the number of mites, which is very practical, above all for allergy sufferers and their health.

The Thermostar heating elements with 28W/cm2, in contrast to the standard heating elements of approximately 7W/cm2, exhibiting a much better productivity. The heating element itself is not in direct contact with the water. It is sheathed with a special alloy and therefore has a fantastic heat performance. Another feature of the Thermostar heating element is that it expands with rising temperature, thus resulting in the limescale coating which forms on the heating element is removed naturally, therefore we can proudly call our heating element 'self decalcifying'. Moreover, a longer service life can thereby be achieved. And, if in the rare case a part needs to be replaced, Thermostar guarantees a very simple and easy replacement method for the heating element, meaning that the entire steam boiler doesn't need to be replaced in case of a possible defect.

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