Doctor Recommended Air Purifier - AIR OASIS

Doctor Recommended Air Purifier - AIR OASIS

Indoor air quality directly impacts health. Living or working indoors could mean repeated exposure to toxins, chemicals, pollutants and viruses/bacteria. Air purifiers provide an extra layer of protection.

Nowhere is it more important to have sanitized air than in a medical facility. Doctor’s offices are home to a whole host of germs, which can be easily shared between staff and patients. That is, unless the proper mechanisms are in place.

In addition to regular sanitizing, many doctors are now recommended air purifiers for work and home. In addition, a growing number of healthcare practices have bought air purifiers from us, and the results they experience have led to glowing recommendations. These are reviews you can trust, coming from happy customers who also happen to be medical professionals.

Read on to learn more about why doctors are recommending air purifiers and where you can find an air purifier that uses the best technology to clean indoor air.

Air Purifiers for Healthcare Facilities

Health professionals use air purifiers because they are portable, unobtrusive and effective. Top air purifiers are research-tested and proven to deactivate viruses and remove airborne particulates. The best air purifiers will use a multi-stage filtration system that includes HEPA, ionization, UV and cold plasma technology.

Air Purifiers for Chiropractor’s Office

Chiropractors are seen as essential workers. They provide back treatment, massage, alignment, and much more to people who live in chronic pain or discomfort. Because chiropractic care does require contact, it’s important that chiropractic offices use air purifiers and exceptional sanitization practices.

Buy an Air Purifier Online

Whether you travel in and out or remain indoors, the quality of air in your home or office is very important. Doctor recommended air purifiers come with the endorsement of professionals who have read the research, know the science and use the devices in their own practices. 

Source: Doctor Recommended Air Purifiers | Air Oasis

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