B2b Marketers: 4 Quick Tips To Target Decision Makers

B2b Marketers: 4 Quick Tips To Target Decision Makers

B2b Marketers: 4 Quick Tips To Target Decision Makers

Owen Matson, Ph.D.   I   March 14, 2020

Despite the growth of collective and consensus-driven decision-making, C-Level executives still have the power to make or break a deal, and they can at least be expected to have the final say. So it’s as important as it ever has been to attempt to engage them.

Reaching Decision Makers Remains a Priority in B2B Marketing Strategy

CEOs need to understand the importance of an ultimate business to business marketing plan to guarantee great results. Although it’s really hard to catch the attention of customers today as they are always busy, there are effective tips to help you get positive feedback or at least make them notice your brand.  Here are 5 of the best techniques to make them recognize the value of what you offer.

1. Tell an interesting story

It’s exactly the same as a C-Level sales conversation: you’ve got to attract their attention, pique their interest, get to the point, and make them want to learn more. Repackaging and gently warming over a set of already widely quoted industry stats isn’t going to do it, is it? Well, unless you bring a radical new interpretation to already accepted wisdom.

And I think that’s what this latest Tech Heads study does. It found that:

  • 82% of the C-Level audience expected suppliers to treat them more as a person rather than a potential sale - this reflects the power of relevant tailoring for roles, and of using stories rather than pitches
  • 71% of the C-Level audience believed that online content levels the playing field for customer engagement between challenger brands and large business - making smart ideas more important than big budgets
  • 74% of the C-Level audience believed that digital marketing enabled challenger brands to punch above their weight when competing for their attention

2. Use a multi-channel marketing approach

With an effective multi-channel contact plan, you can connect to a wider clientele base easily. One important channel is LinkedIn. You can email them a killer offer to make them accept your call and make sure to follow up your call with another message via email.

Offer something valuable to build connection. Many B2B businesses believe that their products or services have clear value to potential clients but sometimes, not receiving a positive feedback means that the value isn’t clearly presented. In order to ensure that they see the value of your offer, it’s important to give freebies such as SEO services to create rapport. In return, customers will see how determine you are in offering them something they need. Remember, sales are all about establishing relationships.

3. Referrals

If you want to grow your network, you need to meet your friends’ friends. It’s more likely that they know what kind of people you need in your business. In fact, the guiding principle in sales referrals is that the people you like exactly know the people you would be interested to know of.  They have to be: 

  1. Someone who did business with your company before;
  2. Or anyone who have dealt business with people in your LinkedIn contacts.

4. Provide targeted B2B content

Your sales team talks with prospects every week who all ask the same (or similar) questions. The fact that these questions come up again and again is an indication that there is plenty of opportunity to take it upon yourself as a marketer to better educate your prospects, and even address common objections before sales even gets involved.  Then follow these steps:

  • Try outlining 10-12 of the most common questions. These questions will be the basis of your targeted content development.
  • Create premium, downloadable content that answers the key 10-12 questions. This content is premium and extensive, and is typically something that your prospects will download in exchange for some information as they become more and more sales-ready.
  • Looking at your list of questions, create a content offer for each question that will address it at length. Make it truly valuable for the person who is downloading it. Many times these offers take the form of 10+ page eBooks, AAbut they can also be crafted as webinars, email courses, or slideshares -- whatever it is that your prospects will find valuable and engaging.
  • As decision makers search for solutions to their challenges, they will stumble upon your blog posts. The purpose of these posts is to engage the reader, provide them with an answer to their question, and offer them an opportunity to take a next step to learn more by downloading your content offer.
  • The best way to outline blog post topics in a repeatable way is to elaborate on a specific topic covered by a cornerstone content piece.

Source: https://info.marketscale.com/blog/b2b-marketers-4-quick-tips-to-target-decision-makers

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