All the Reasons Why Smart Businesses Need a Smixin All-In-One Handwashing System

All the Reasons Why Smart Businesses Need a Smixin All-In-One Handwashing System

Good hygiene starts with proper handwashing. This fact is essentially critical in commercial establishments. When a place of business is open to the public, that makes everyone open to catching germs, viruses, and diseases, too.

 This is what inspired SMIXIN to take handwashing to the next level. SMIXIN, a touchless handwashing system from Switzerland, has made waves for being all-in when it comes to hand hygiene. Aside from being the first and only complete handwashing equipment in the automated hygiene industry, it proves to be the most efficient as well. This is a necessary upgrade for washrooms in transportation hubs, public canteens, schools, malls, and movie houses. This is also good news for business owners like you who’d like to take better care of the well-being of both their business and their patrons.

All-In-One Hand Hygiene

SMIXIN stands for ‘Smart-Mixing-Inside’ --the patented technology that mixes and doses soap, water, and air inside every SMIXIN Combi unit. Every Combi unit comes complete with soap, water, and paper towels, making it the all-in-one hand hygiene system that guarantees a holistic handwashing experience.

As soon as a person stands in front of a SMIXIN unit, a body sensor lights up the built-in sink. Another sensor reads the presence of hands under the outlet, and automatically initiates SMIXIN’s unique handwashing cycle. A mixture of soap and water is released from the unit’s nozzle. After the person lathers and scrubs his or her hands, the unit will then release a mixture of water and air for effective rinsing. A paper towel is dispensed for drying soon after. All these from one, single machine.

BONUS: If you’re worried about dirt and bacteria accumulating around soap dispensers, SMIXIN has the solution to that. A SMIXIN soap pouch has the entire dispensing system attached to it. So every time you replace your soap, you’re actually attaching a brand new, totally sanitized soap dispensing unit.

All for Your Smart Savings

What makes SMIXIN a smart business investment is the technology that gives quality performance PLUS the efficiency that leads to significant savings.

It all comes down to giving you full control. The Smart-Mixing-Inside tech allows you remote central management. Via Wi-Fi, you can control the quantity of soap that goes into the Combi unit’s mixing chamber. You can decide the length of soap distribution time, the pause time for hand scrubbing, the rinse time, even the time out in between handwashing cycles. Likewise, you can regulate the amount of water and number of paper towels released per cycle by digitally adjusting the system parameters. SMIXIN’s programmable portions ensure that you can save up to 90% in water consumption, up to 60% in soap usage, and up to 60% in paper towel

BONUS: SMIXIN Combi unit can be fitted with a display screen to play company promotional videos on loop. It can serve as an advertising channel or a reminder screen for your team.

SMIXIN is the smartest choice you can make for handwashing at the work place. Make your choice from a SMIXIN Combi wall mount, a Combi counter top, to a freestanding Combi unit. Each with a 2-year warranty.

SMIXIN, All-in-One Smart Hand Hygiene.




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