Air Purifiers and Private Schools

Dr. Jeff Bennert, PhD, BCND 
 September 8th, 2020

Parent teacher associations have sprung into action to implement disinfecting procedures for their private schools. As class is back in session, it’s more important than ever that students are protected from contagious diseases like the COVID-19 virus. Air Oasis is heavily involved in efforts like these and is quickly becoming a go-to resource for private schools who want to buy air purifiers.

Air purifiers for private schools ensure that precious students and valuable faculty are protected. Read on to learn more about the solutions we provide and how you can buy an air purifier for your school online.

Private School Buildings and Air Purifiers

Air Oasis works with private school boards. Frequently, administrators inform our service team that they are operating out of older buildings. Private schools range from cutting edge, modern spaces to historical buildings, older church buildings or renovated structures. Any of these could have poor indoor air quality, particularly during these challenging times.

Older buildings, while beautiful and historied, are prone to the growth of mold and undiscovered wood rot or decay. Through decades of use, they have built up layers of contaminants that release particulates into the air. Many private school boards have safely updated their buildings so that dangerous items (such as lead paint) aren’t present. But there are more steps to take to truly improve indoor air quality.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends three strategies:

  1. Control the source: eliminate individual sources that release contaminants (these include issues of sealing, chemicals being used in the building and removing asbestos or old construction materials)
  2. Improve ventilation: have a professional assess everything from heating/cooling systems, mechanical elements and exhaust fans to determine if proper ventilation is in place.
  3. Air purifiers: air purification technology should include things like HEPA and ionization. Multi-process systems are ideal, as they effectively capture or neutralize any dangerous or irritating particles in the air.

Here is a testimonial from one of our private school customers:

GPCP (Grant Park Cooperative Preschool) Testimony:

GPCP is located in the lower level of a 50 year old addition to a 100 year old church. For all 13 years that I have entered this building I was greeted by a thick, never fresh, stiff cloud of air. We don’t miss it. The Air Oasis G3 units placed in each classroom and common spaces makes an incredible difference. The air smells so clean you don’t even smell the lunch cooking in their steamers when you walk in the building in the mornings. The air feels crisp to breathe and the units are so quiet you can barely tell they are on. One staff member who has been with the school for many years, offered this note when asked if she noticed the difference. “Entering the school it speaks...It is a daily greeting of the dawn refreshed and capable of maintaining an invigorating canvas of cleanliness.” ~ Patrice Daniels

Tap here to shop for our G3 series, ionic air purifiers online.

Private School Classrooms and Air Purifiers

In addition to cleaning the air throughout common spaces, your private school board or parents may want to advocate for air purifiers in each classroom. Air purifiers in classrooms can reduce the spread of disease, which is a concern among children of all ages. The Environmental Protection Agency explains that health problems that result from poor indoor air quality can impact staff and student performance.

Private schools are buying air purifiers from Air Oasis to tackle a few common issues.

  • For Modulars: sometimes, private schools have modulars or portable classrooms. These can be subject to more pollutants due to their construction and ventilation. Recycled air should be going through the right cycles to ensure it is safe to inhale all day. Especially if students are in a single classroom all day, including during lunch and for specials, it’s vital that the air be purified.
  • For COVID-19: Perhaps forefront in most private school boards and private school parents’ minds right now is using air purifiers to protect students from COVID-19. Air purifiers can deactivate viruses like COVID-19. HVAC purifiers (like the Bi-Polar 2400) as well as portable classroom air purifiers are effective to neutralize the risk of contamination.
  • For Respiratory Hygiene: respiratory hygiene should be a priority for classroom teachers and private school administrators. In addition to source control (like face masks), cleaning contaminated air is an essential activity. Disinfecting, circulating and purifying should be the three steps taken. Ionization is an active air purifying for classrooms that can be performed by mobile units. A filtered purifier such as iAdaptAir is added layer to ensure healthier air.
  • For Disease Protection: air purifiers can work to reduce viruses and bacteria that cause infections. All of these will be present in a busy classroom. The risk of spreading illness can be dramatically reduced with air purifiers in class.

Go here to see a video of how our iAdaptAir® can provide ionization and filtration that purifies the air in a classroom.

Here are some illustrations of the immediate impact of having an air purifier in your classroom:

Classroom 215 Testimonial:

We had recently purchased and installed a 3000G3 Air Purifier unit in a classroom in our school. We immediately noticed a "fresher" scent to the air coming from the unit.

University Housing Testimonial:

Although small in size, the Air Oasis filter has done a great job of cleaning the air in the bedroom of my musty, moldy university housing. Within a short amount of time, my congestion & cough cleared up.

School of Missionary Aviation Testimonial:

To date, we purchased a total of 4 units, one for our home, one for our son, and two for my office area and the classroom where 22 students are studying to become aircraft mechanics. Having the units here at School of Missionary Aviation Technology, Ionia MI makes me feel much more comfortable and safe.

Air Purifiers for Private School Classrooms

Air purifiers have the benefit of addressing the root cause of health issues or rampant sickness. 

Want more insight into the technology itself? Air Oasis has numerous resources that can assist you. Shop online for air purifiers for your private school:

If you are interested in bulk purchases or need more expert guidance, our friendly sales team can assist you. Go here to make contact.




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