A Business Guide to Green Cleaning | Thermostar Mediclean.

A Business Guide to Green Cleaning | Thermostar Mediclean.

One saying goes, “Clean your space, clear your mind.”

This is so true especially for business owners who wouldn’t want to worry about health and hygiene on top of performance and profit. When you’re sure that staff as well as customers are safe from germs plus potential diseases in the workplace, you can relax and focus more on business matters.

It’s no wonder more and more companies are investing in one thorough kind of commercial cleaning –Thermostar Mediclean’s Green Cleaning. Here’s how your business can be part it:



Unlike typical vacuum cleaners, Thermostar Mediclean’s cleaning method is 100% ecological. Green Cleaning uses nothing but pure water. It has no agents, no detergents, no chemicals that can harm the environment. Green Cleaning is also 100% hygienic. By introducing temperatures above 80ºC, Mediclean creates saturated micro dry steam that can thoroughly clean every nook and cranny. A blast of dry steam is so effective that it leaves no residues, no breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and mold.

 At the end of the day, Thermostar Mediclean is protection and power in your hands. It dissolves grease and stains. It kills germs and bacteria. It produces heat strong enough to decalcify its system. All the while providing Green Cleaning that can prevent allergies, respiratory problems, and skin irritations.



When you get a Thermostar Mediclean, it commits to a lifetime of service. It’s made to last, topping quality standards in terms of make and technology. Each individual component of the Mediclean has ready replacements when needed. This reduces waste, thus, preserving nature. And, since there won’t be any cleaning agent to wash off of your office walls, floors, furniture, and upholstery, Mediclean helps you conserve water by 95%.

With how effective and efficient Mediclean’s Green Cleaning is, you can even expect 30 to 50% savings on time, energy, and money. But the real value you get out of all of these is that while you keep your wokplace cleaner, you keep your employees and clients heathier.



So if you’re thinking of getting your business a Thermostar Mediclean, know that you are in good company. Mediclean caters to a vast array of industries. It has the thoroughness hospitals and health centers demand. It has the safety supermarkets and restaurants require. It has the gentle care schools and hotels need. After all, what industry wouldn’t want to clean the Green Cleaning way?


Mediclean’s reach is global, too. Manufactured in Europe, its reach is bolstered by a strong worldwide dealer network consisting of experts with comprehensive knowledge in commercial cleaning. The network is constantly growing as more and more people start to appreciate the value of Green Cleaning.


Thermostar Mediclean. Green Cleaning is the Only Cleaning Your Business Needs. Thermostar is distributed to the local market by Precept Commercial Corporation.

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