Holy Hands Gel Sanitizer 12's
Holy Hands Gel Sanitizer 12's

Holy Hands Gel Sanitizer 12's

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  • Holy Hands Hand Sanitizer 23mL
    - Kills 99.9% of disease-causing germs and bacteria
    - Moisture plus! Moisturizes as it kills germs and bacteria
    - Gel-type hand sanitizer
    - Comes with silicone holder -- keep the bacteria outside of your bag! — silicone holder color is random
    - Mild scent
    - For external use only 
  • Using Holy Hands Hand Sanitizer
    Holy Hands Hand Sanitizer is a gel-type sanitizer that helps you stay protected from disease-causing germs. This hand sanitizer effectively kills 99.9% of germs while ensuring your hands are clean and moisturized. 

  • 23mL Hand Sanitizer + Silicone Holder

    Holy Hands gives you convenience! Never forget your hand sanitizer as it is already clipped to your bag and keep germs away as you can conveniently sanitize without having to spread more germs to your belongings.

    *silicone holder color is random