Allure Zapper Insect Killer

Allure Zapper Insect Killer

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  • Robust all metal construction
  • Highly effective Synergetic™ UV light tubes, a patented technology with dual wavelength output capturing 448% more insects than a leading traditional 30 watt unit.
  • Unique ‘Z’ shaped killing grid gives 20% larger useful killing area
  • Easy cleaning and simple tube replacement
  • Wall, ceiling or desk-mounted
  • Innovative open top design gives maximum possible UV light output for increased efficiency
  • 2-year warranty on unit



 Coverage:  120 sqm

 Dimensions: 305 x 590 x 120 mm

 Weight: 5kg

 Bulbs: 2 x 15 W / 18"

Price does not include delivery and installation fee (if applicable).