Precept Launches Shatterproof & Synergetic Guarantee AD Campaign

Precept launched its latest marketing campaign last 4 March 2016 to highlight the insect killer units carrying the Shatterproof and Synergetic Guarantee (SSG) bulbs. 

Shatterproof bulbs offered by Precept has protective coating that prevents the release of broken glass in the event of breakage which is perfect for food preparation areas. 

Synergetic tubes offered by Precept have been developed by our UK manufacturer to attract a much wider  range of flying insects than traditional blue UV lamps Based upon a unique phosphor mix, patented technology ensures that a broader ‘two peak’ wavelength is maintained (368nm and 540nm) attracting a wide range of insects including stored product moths, whilst attracting the common housefly as effectively as traditional blue UV tubes, giving you the best of both UV technologies.