Precept Introduces Water Filtration for the Whole House

Clean water shouldn’t come from your water dispensers only —introducing WACO Korea’s Whole House POE (Point of Entry) Water Filtration System model WHNS-01. This water filtration system will allow clean & potable water to flow in all the faucets in your home. 
The unit comes with filters that will remove sand, pipe scale, odors & chlorine plus  a water softener that removes minerals that cause water hardness (which dries our hair and skin). It also comes with a special filter that can sieve fine particles with its pore size of 0.0142 ㎛.
With Waco’s Whole House POE Water Filtration System, you will be confident to brush your teeth and shower without any doubt on the potability of your water. Call Precept for a quote, (02) 8886-3075, 0917 746 8243