Precept Hygiene launches its New Hand Dryer: THE XLERATOR®

Precept Hygiene introduced the XLERATOR® hand dryer last January 2, 2014 to the market. XLERATOR® dries hands three times faster and uses 80% less energy than conventional hand dryers. This product is another product option among Precept’s hand dryer line.
XLERATOR® hand dryer represents a 95% cost savings when compared to paper towels, eliminates their maintenance and waste, while creating a more hygienic restroom environment. XLERATOR® is the only dryer that is Made in USA Certified®, the first to be GreenSpec® listed and qualifies for several LEED® Credits. XLERATOR® with HEPA Filtration System is the only high-speed hand drying system that certifies each filter, ensuring it meets stringent HEPA performance standards of 99.97% filtration. 
XLERATOR® dries hands completely in 10-15 seconds! The high-speed and energy-efficient hand dryer has received the prestigious Building Operating Management Top Products Award in USA and Precept Hygiene is now proudly offering this product to its clients. 
The XLERATOR® was featured on CNN Headline News as Terry Bradshaw's Pick of the Week. Check the link below to see Terry explain why the XLERATOR® is revolutionizing the industry with its original patented technology.