Mosquitoes and Global Warming

Scientists describe Global Warming as the average global surface temperature increase from human emissions of greenhouse gases.  But to mosquitoes, it is their highway to new territories.  While we experience drastic weather changes as effects of global warming, mosquitoes are moving in areas they have not been before.  New York City, USA have reported cases of dengue brought by mosquitoes.  Zika and yellow fever has also been reported in areas they haven’t been previously common.  


We can try to help slow or stop global warming in our own little by switching to solar energy to power our homes, drive electric vehicles and support local businesses that promotes and uses sustainable practices. As we attempt to help slow down global warming, our homes should be protected from disease carrying insects like mosquitoes. We should follow Department of Health’s 4S Kontra Dengue steps plus use an effective insect control solution in your home.  Pelsis’ PlusZap 16 insect killer would be a helpful tool in keeping the mosquito population in control. It is easy to clean, zaps the insects discreetly and durable. You can look into this product here