Dry Steam Cleaning Explained

What is Dry Steam Cleaning Really?

While chemical cleaners remove the surface dirt, dry steam cleaners remove dirt, grime and stains from various surfaces. Dry steam cleaners cleans by softening the dirt from the steam generated from the heating coils.  The dirt is then absorbed by the hot towel attached to the nozzle.
So, do I need this for my restaurant?
Restaurants will benefit for a dry steam cleaner because you can forego the use of chemicals in your business.  A dry steam cleaner has great ‘green biodegradable' credentials since it only uses water to clean.  Other than a chemical free kitchen it’s a non-toxic, non-hazardous alternative in keeping your place squeaky clean.
Owning a dry steam unit can reduce water consumption and chemical use.  It also decreases the risk of surface damage and surface degradation plus reduction in time and labor costs.