Precept Introduces- Thermostar Dry Steam System. More Than Just A Steam Cleaner.

The Thermostar Dry Steam Unit is a high-performance dry-steam appliance that ensures maximum cleanliness and hygiene without any chemicals. It operates at a very high temperature and uses the power of steam to clean and disinfect.

The Thermostar Dry Steam Unit is an optimal handy household help with the performance and technology of an industrial appliance. It offers you enormous relief when cleaning and enables a wide range of applications thanks to extensive accessories.

With the Thermostar Dry Steam Unit, you can clean
• Furniture (sofas, beds), Carpets, Glass Doors, Windows, Shutters
• Bathroom, Toilets, Tiles
• Kitchen (Drain, Kitchen Hood, Oven, Freezer, Kitchen counter)
• Vehicles (Car, Mortocyle, Bike)
• Various types of Flooring (from Parquet to Laminate to Tiles)
• even Jewelry, Watch Bands and Animal Cages

Clean and hygienic - and for a lifetime!